How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Overview And Facts

Bed bugs are brown small wingless insects that feed on warm blooded animals. Their most preferred type of meal is human blood. The bed bugs originate from a family Cimicidae. Their oval ventrally flattened body increases their chances of living in narrow opening such as a crack of the wall. The bed bugs are found in different parts of the world including South America, West Africa and other upcoming third world countries.
The bed bugs can be found at any place not only on dirty place, but even in clean residential and hotels. Their habitats include mattress and bed frames where people sleep. Other places include cracks on the wall and edges of the carpets. One unique thing about bedbugs is that they can live for many months without food and this increases their chances of living even in deserted homes. How to get rid of bed bugs depend on prevention and control measures employed.


The bed bug infestation is mostly seen in places with large population. Statistics has indicated that causes of bedbugs are not associated with poverty or dirt as these tiny insects can be seen in clean hotels and in rich family too. For bedbug to infest and spread, they have to be moved from one area or person to another. Once the bugs bite, they do not stay on someone’s body surface but hide on clothes and thus they can obtain a ride from this person and be taken to another area where they will scurry quickly to a new hiding place in this new location.


The symptoms of bed bugs infestation include rashes development on areas where the bugs bites. The rashes are characterized by outbreak of red itching bumps, swelling and scaly patches on the body surface. Allergic responses due to bugs saliva and constant itching specifically during the night indicate bedbugs presence and this requires quick bed bug control measures since if left to infest for longer time may lead to anemia.

Treatment and Extermination of Bed Bugs

When it comes to treatment, it is important first to treat yourself from bed bugs’ bites by use of skin cream that contain hydrocortisone. In case of skin allergy, it is vital to use oral antihistamine and antibiotics incase of skin infection. Home treatment comes in handy where you need to treat the underlying infestation.
At this stage you need to use a professional exterminator who has skills in using both pesticides method and non chemical method. Pesticides and insecticides are considered the most effective method as they help to break the lifecycle of bed bugs. Some of insecticides available in the market include diazinon and DDT among others. Non chemical methods include vacuuming that removes bedbugs from their area of heading.
Hot water may act efficiently where one need to wash the beddings and clothing with hot water so as to kill the bugs. Freezing is also a non chemical method where you freeze the infested beddings and other items at a temperature below zero degrees. This will in activate the bugs killing them after some few days. Putting wet clothes to a cloth drier set at a maximum temperature for some minutes may kill the bugs.


Bed bugs can be controlled and prevented from multiplying quickly. To ensure prevention, early detection of bugs’ infestation is important. It is important to inspect old furniture before putting them back to your homestead. This is after proper inspection of your homestead to ensure it is not infested with bed bugs.
Other prevention measures include washing your beddings regularly with hot water so as to kill any bed bug which is unnoticed. Do not bring home any of the furniture being thrown away on the streets by others, that will invite bed bugs into your home. Finally any unwanted furniture and clutter materials need to be removed from the house to reduce hiding place for bed bugs.

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