How To Get Rid Of Cobwebs

Cobwebs are created by all kinds of spiders, big or small, in order to escape from predators by gently dropping into the web, to climb to higher areas or to trap small insects for feeding on them later. If you have spiders in and around your house, you will notice these fine, almost invisible, mildly sticky lines in the shape of an intricate net hanging in the corners of the walls or in stuffy store rooms. They mainly appear in places which are not cleaned often, as it lets the cobwebs lie undisturbed.

Overview And Facts

One must know how to get rid of cobwebs, as they can be a breeding ground for more spiders which can cause spider bites or skin allergies. Although they seem to be very delicate, cobwebs are extremely tenacious. They not only hold the weight of the spider and other insects, but also can withstand heavy gusts of winds. This is due to the intricate and well-woven structure of the web which has a specific pattern, making it more difficult to remove.

Symptoms And Types

The most common symptoms of cobwebs is that you will notice fine gray thread like lines in your house which tend to stick to your hands if you touch them. They mainly occur in the ceiling, at the corners and at dark and damp areas in the house. You may also see an increased number of spiders in the house, indicating there is a nest somewhere. There can be different types of cobwebs which are categorized according to their shapes. They are:
These webs are created in two layers. The spider lies under the sheet like structures and above this web it creates scaffolding of threads, where the insect gets trapped. The spider bites through the threads and the insect then falls into the sheet web.


You can find out whether you have spider webs in your house or not by looking for any dirty web like structures where dust particles may get settled. These hanging structures are a sure sign of spiders. You may also want to call pest control services who will be able to look through every corner of the house to know if there is a spider infestation.

Treatment And Care

The best option of how to get rid of cobwebs is vacuuming and dusting regularly in all the hard to reach corners, ceiling, cracks and crevices which will not only destroy the webs, but also kill the spiders. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed so that spiders cannot get into the house. You can also spray insecticides which specifically kill spiders, besides using warm water and detergent to wipe off the affected areas to get rid of any residue of cobwebs.

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