How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

There are many ways available that can be used to get rid of stinks bugs both in the house and outdoors. They include chemical as well as organic treatments that kill, prevent and control stink bugs naturally.

How to Get Rid and Prevent Stink Bugs In The House

Taking preventive measures could mean the difference between having stink bugs or a few hundred infesting a house. Before summer begins, people should make sure their houses are seal-proof ready against the invasive stink bugs.
Walk around the house and seal any crack or holes in the exterior with caulk. Make sure all windows are able to close and seal completely. Stink bugs are known for getting into houses through any hole left unprotected especially from the attic or through the air conditioner. Any window air conditioning units should be removed and the windows closed if stink bugs are seen in excess outside. Stink bugs are attracted to light so turning off any extra house lights can help prevent attracting these invasive bugs to a home.
Of course sometimes even with the best line of defense, some of these stinky bugs will still find a way into a house. If they are spotted inside, there are ways to remove them.

Vacuum Stink Bugs

The first is using the vacuum cleaner to suck them up. Using the vacuum avoid crushing the bugs and allows for easy disposal. Disposing of the collected stink bugs quickly and properly is key to removing them from a house. Do not leave a bag full of squashed stink pests around the house as the decaying bug bodies will attract other more bugs into the house!
Another method, for the not so squeamish, is to simply pick up the bugs during the morning hours. The bugs will be slow and lethargic. Placing the bugs into a stink bug trap (a steep sided container partly filled with soapy water) allows for easy disposal without any stink. Using sticky tape is another way to get rid of stink bugs.
For those who are willing to use chemicals, exterminators can help. There are pesticides such as cypermethrin and pyrethroid based insecticides that are used to deter stink bugs as well as some to kill them once an infestation occurs.
A multi-purpose insecticide called Talstar Pro comes highly recommended especially for the prevention and extermination of stink bugs inside and around the outside of the house.

How to Get Rid and Control A Stink Bug Infestation Outdoors

Stink bugs love and are attracted by bright lights. The main way to prevent an outdoor infestation is to turn off any unnecessary lights outside and inside the house. Decorative lighting only causes them to swarm around gardens and homes. If an infestation has already occurred, hiring a professional pest exterminator or the use of pesticides can help to get rid of stink bugs fast.
For getting rid of stink bugs organically, try the trap approach. Fill a container (an old coffee can or container works well) partly with very soapy water. Hold the trap below a plant that has stink bugs on it. Then, using a stick, gently tap the plant making the bugs fall into the soapy water. This is a temporary solution and will have to be done frequently.
Another way to get rid of stink bugs organically is to use a kaolin clay. This clay can be made into a solution that, once sprayed onto plants, prevents stink bugs from feeding or laying eggs on the plants. The clay is easily wiped off fruits and vegetables once they have been harvested.

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs Odor?

The stink bug odor is strong. It is the perfect defense to ward of predators of the otherwise defenseless stink bugs. This defense mechanism also means smelly homes and gardens for whoever decides to squash the pests. Fortunately, the smell is easily removed. A quick wash with soap and water is all it takes to get rid of the stink bug odor off your skin.
To remove the odor around the house, experts recommend using essential oils or burning scented incense and candles. Using ZeroOdor Odor Eliminator or spraying the room with OdoBan Odor Eliminator also helps!

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