How To Kill Bed Bugs?

So, how to kill bed bugs? This question has been pondered over for thousands of years, by humans plagued by this parasitic insect across the globe. This page is dedicated to the killing of bed bugs, fast, effectively and hopefully inhumanely.. 😉 Yes, we really do not like these evil devil spawn critters, and if you have ever been attacked by bed bugs in your home or in a hotel bed, then you probably share this sentiment.
And these critters really should get no sympathy. Bedbugs are parasites that feed on human blood. Although there has been no evidence that bed bugs can transmit infectious diseases, there is no reason to delay killing the bed bugs, as they will disturb your sleep and drink your blood, multiply and spread, if given the chance.
So, how do you kill bed bugs, an insect that can survive without for food for UP TO A YEAR?
An easy way to kill a bedbug is by heat. A simple hairdryer or steamer can kill a bed bug and its eggs. You might even ENJOY Watching this video of a bed bug killed by heat. I know, I did.

How To Kill Bed Bugs At Home

Here follows a more in-depth description of the various steps you can take in killing bed bugs at home.

Professional Bed Bug Exterminators.

The chemicals used by the bed bug pest control exterminators to kill the bed bug infestation can be unhealthy and you might have to leave the house for a day while the exterminating is ongoing.

Non-pesticide Bed Bug Sprays.

There are numerous of bed bug sprays on the market. They are not as effective as bed bug sprays with pesticides but are safer.

Steam Bed Bug Treatment.

  1. Seal off and de-clutter the room and throw out items where the critters might be hiding. Don’t put the things in another room as it might help spread the bed bug infestation.
  2. Remove clothing from drawers and the closets and closely inspect the clothes for bed bugs. Where possible wash all clothing on a hot wash cycle and do this with bedding too, as the critters can’t stand the heat! Also try placing clothes in a tumble dryer on a high-temperature setting for around ten minutes.
  3. Then vacuum EVERYTHING, the mattress, the curtains, furnishings and inside drawers and closets, furniture. Vacuum the whole floor particularly round the edges. At this point if you find any cracks or holes in the wall or floor then immediately SEAL them up because they are ideal hiding places for the bed bugs and their eggs. Electrical sockets these are also favorite bug hiding places. Seal and throw out the vacuuming bag.

Once you have done this repeat the whole routine using a steam cleaner.

Heat For Killing Bed Bugs

Bed bugs HATE heat. If you know where they are hiding, you can kill bugs, bed bug eggs and bed bug larva with a simple heardryer or steamer, as described under ‘Steam’. However, to make sure that you killed all the bed bugs in a room, the best way is to heat-treat you room. Use professional bed bug pest/exterminators for this, or do it yourself, by rasining the temperature in your room to above 113F (45 celsius) for a few hours. That should kill them, as bed bug dies within 15 minuteshight temperatures, whereas it takes 60 minutes to kill the bed bug eggs.
Seal your room, and find a way to raise the temperature gradually. This should be done by a professional (find some on this page), due to fire hazards, but it is possible for an experienced DIY’er.

Cold Treatment For Killing Bed Bugs

A non-toxic solution to eliminating bed bugs, is Cold Treatment. Bed bugs are becoming resistant to pesticides over time.
In Europe a product called Cryonite is used for bed bug cold treatment. Cryonite is really carbon dioxide snow that once in contact with the bed bug, it kill it by causing their insides to freeze. The bed bug killing happens, when the snow crystals land on the bug and convert to CO2 gas. This reaction requires energy and this energy is taken from the bed bug, which will cause their cell water to crystallize into ice. Neat! The Killing of bed bugs joins the 2100 century.

Mattress Encasements For Bed Bugs

It is very unlikely that the mattress or the bed (or pillows) is the only place in the room, where bedbugs are hiding. If your house is infested by bed bugs, then it would be a good idea to throw out the mattress, after you have treating the rest of the room for bugs.
Mattress encasements can be used to trap the bed bugs inside a mattress or box bed and eventually killing them, but bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding, so ideally you should throw out the mattress. A Mattress encasement is best used for a new mattress that you have bought AFTER your house has been trated for bed bugs.

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