Some Effective Natural Home Pest Control Tips

Home Pest Control Basics

Home pest control strategies that make use of natural methods are more effective at long-term eradication of pests including insects and rodents. Moreover, the use of pesticides is too risky considering that the poisonous ingredients are not just harmful to animals but to humans as well. The natural home pest control tips outlined below have been passed as effective by proponents of integrated pest management (IPM) for all sorts of homes and institutions.

Prevention as a Natural Home Pest Control Strategy

The most effective way to keep your home free of pesky pets is to ensure they are not welcome in the first place. Plenty of bugs and rodents that roam your kitchen are attracted by spilt food, water and other liquids. Therefore ensure that your kitchen is always clean and that all garbage is taken out regularly and that the floors any spillages are cleaned as soon as possible. All food and drinks should be kept in containers with tight lids. This will help deter mice, cockroaches and other food loving pests from making a home in your kitchen.

Home Pest Control

Make sure that all fresh produce is inspected for hangers-on before being brought into your house, specifically if it can be found in paper bags or boxes. An additional vital thing you have to know is that mice and pests are commonly brought in by stacks of paper bags or newspapers, so you must avoid keeping them. On your lawn, you want to guarantee that compost heaps and trash bin are saved far from the main house, and make it a propensity to get rid of trash from your home on a regular basis.
Another recommended preventive home pest control tip has to do with ensuring there are no leaky pipes and taps in the house. Pet bowls should also be emptied and cleaned as soon as the pets have finished eating to stop attracting cockroaches and flies in the house. Ensure that all screens and drafty doors are repaired. This not only gets rid of pesky pets but helps in saving heating and cooling costs.

Know your pets and their Behavior

Many pesticides are marketed as effective home pest control remedies for all manner of bugs. This is not true because not all behave the same way and their reactions to chemicals are vastly different. If you want to get rid of pests once and for all, you need to know exactly what pets you are dealing with in the first place. Natural home pest control remedies are even more specific when it comes to getting rid of pests and you must therefore do your homework carefully.

Control the Pests from the Outside

If you have a garden just outside your house, it is very likely to be the source of your indoor pest problem. Always keep the garden well tended and get rid of weeds as soon as they start cropping up by uprooting them. Just as well, get rid of any standing water to make your home pest control strategy work effectively.

Home Pest Control Does Not Have To Be About Chemicals

Some pests can be gotten rid of very easily, without having to be very ingenious. A good example to illustrate this is an ordinary fly swatter is very effective, inexpensive and green in getting rid of houseflies. You will also be surprised at how effective regular vacuuming can help get rid of pests that love hiding in the carpeting and the upholstery. The bugs are sucked in and suffocate in the bags.
You will also get rid of a host of pests by using a variety of traps. Carry out adequate research on the web and home improvement magazines to find which traps such as light traps, bait traps, pheromone traps and fly paper work effectively against different pests. These traps are not only cost effective but they also do not place you and your family in any unnecessary jeopardy.
If you have to use chemicals and agents look for non-toxic ones.
Chemicals and cleaning agents are usually preferred because they are usually faster in getting rid of pests than natural methods. If you have to go for any such agents, look for the ones which have been certified as non toxic. In fact, you may not be aware but ordinary household soap and detergents can kill a host of bugs and keep others from invading your house. If you take only two spoonfuls of castile soap and make a solution with a gallon of tap water, this will prove enough as a natural home pest control to guard against an ant infestation. You can make this ant repellent solution even more potent by adding oil of eucalyptus or cayenne pepper.
Borax (boric acid) is also very effective in deterring a host of insects and bags you find in the dark corners of your kitchen and in the attic. Use a boric acid solution to get rid of roaches, silverfish, ants and other creepy crawlies. If you want to get rid of a whole colony of ants or other insects, a solution of boric acid and sugar will prove more than sufficient.
To get rid of fleas in the house or the pet’s shelter, use diatomaceous earth. To ensure that this is effective, look for the areas the fleas hide. These are areas with plenty of ducts mainly. Applying the earth in targeted areas is more cost effective than spreading it at random.
Where it is inevitable, go for safer pesticides.
If you decide to go for pesticides, do not just opt for the most common ones. To illustrate this, pesticides formulated from plant based extracts such as pyrethrins are not exactly non toxic but they are at least preferable to those based on organophosphates for example.
When choosing pesticides, avoid any that have compounds like chlorpyrifos, phosmet, naled, diazinon or malathion. Do not be fooled because the manufacturer is marketing the products as environmentally friendly, natural or even safe for domestic use. In any case, even natural poisons are still hazardous.

Smart Home Pest Control Is About Caution

When using any pest control mechanism or product, you need to follow instructions of the manufacturer to the last detail. Use pesticides of all shades to a bare minimum and only when it is absolutely necessary. In particular, foggers and aerial spray home pest control products should only be used as a measure of last resort.
You must also never use outdoor or garden pesticides to control bugs inside the house or other living areas. Follow regulations set by manufacturers as well as by local municipal authorities when it comes to storage and disposal of home pest control agents and poisons. Just about all of these are considered to be hazardous wastes and must not be disposed of alongside other domestic waste.

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