Stink Bugs in The House

Stink Bugs are some little buggers you don’t want inside your house. Stink Bugs are as nasty as cockroaches and as hard to eradicate ants. They seem harmless in plain but has a dangerous stink spray hidden beneath it’s thorax. Stink Bugs are like thieves in the night. They invade your house without your notice and permission. They are lurking in the shadows, inside the small cracks and holes of your house, waiting for the opportune moment, after winter, to strike back again. Again I repeat, you don’t want stink bugs inside your house and here are the reasons why:
Stink Bugs can chow down your plants – Stink Bugs are at the top of the insect kingdom when it comes to damage on plants. Using their tube-like mouth, they suck out the living juice of plants until they wither and die. They are considered agricultural pests in Japan and now in the US as they made their way to American soil. Their damage is horrific. Farmers include stink bugs in the long list of insects to be wary about. Imagine them chowing in your plants or fruit trees in your garden. That is a disaster you don’t want to happen in your precious plants.
Stink Spray – Stink Bugs emit a foul stink spray in the air when threatened or mishandled by a human in this case. Imagine what this stink spray would do to a child inside your house or to your favorite dog whose playful intent pays the price. The stink spray are pungent to human smell and can even damage the nasal cavities. When sprayed in the eyes, it can inflict immense pain like a pepper spray leaving a possible corneal damage. For some people who have nasal and allergic problems. the damage can even be much more daunting.
They do bite – There are cases where stink bugs bite human beings. Many have claimed to be bitten and the pain is immense much like a sting of a bee. The bite mark leaves a rode soar and the pain lasts until three days. The punctured sore then eventually produces a disgusting puss. We already have problems with so many biting insects and the Stink Bug just keeps adding to our nightmares. Well known as plant feeders, Stink Bugs can sometimes be so unpredictable.
Those were the reasons why you don’ want stink bugs around your house. They are no doubt agricultural pests but when they make their way inside our homes they can do us much damage to the people living in it. Never underestimate this little creatures. They will not hesitate to spray their foul odor when you touch them and when you get to much relaxed sometimes they will send you a bite. Seal all cracks and possible entry points to keep Stink Bugs from coming inside your house. We don’t want them living inside the four walls of our house

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