The Best Stink Bug Removal Products

Are you having problems caused by stink bug infestation? Do they damage your precious plants in your garden? During winter, do you find swarms of these stink bugs or stink beetles hiding inside your attic? On springtime, does it seem that you are overwhelmed with stink bug invasion? Have you ever been bitten by a marmorated stink bug or a green stink bug? If you say yes to one or more of these questions, worry no more. You can finally get rid of these insects that are causing a nuisance to you and your family.
Light traps for stink bugs are best for you if you have children or pets in the house. They are generally safer compared to pesticides due to the fact that the latter can cause accidental poisoning. One of the stink bug facts is that these insects are attracted to light, such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs inside one of these light traps. When stink bugs alight on the bulb or on its casing, they fall into a collecting reservoir at the bottom, trapping them helplessly. An example of this gadget is the Strube Professional Indoor Stink Bug Trap. It has a cylindrical, perforated housing with an internal lamp and reservoir at the base. This device is very effective in trapping stink bugs because it emits a soft, yellow light, has a sticky catch glue-coated casing, and has a heat-released natural scent that attract the bugs. Just hang this light trap in any area indoors, near windows, but not in direct sunlight, and plug its cord to an AC electrical outlet. Priced at $69.95, this gadget is an important weapon in stink bug control.
Ultraviolet light trap zappers are also safe devices to get rid of stink bugs. These are very similar in construction to a conventional light trap. However, the main difference for UV light stink bug traps is that they instantly kill bugs once they alight on its bulb, zapping them with electrical current. A good example of this device is the Stinger UVB45 40 Watt 1-Acre Ultra Bug Zapper. A special feature of this product is its scent-emission capability, emitting a smell indiscernible to humans but irresistible to stink bugs in houses.
Stink bug sprayers are more effective than light traps when infestation is severe. Nevertheless, you should be very careful to follow instructions printed on its labels. There is also risk of pesticide resistance by stink bugs if these chemicals are used indiscriminately. A good example of this product is the P.F. Harris Home Pest Control for Stink Bugs. These are available as stink bug sprays in product codes Stink-32, which is a 30 oz. container with a trigger for easy application, and Stink-128, which is in a 1-gallon plastic container.
Handheld stink bug vacuums are also one of the harmless ways to eliminate these insects without any toxic fumes or powders. These gadgets typically are cylindrically shaped, have short nozzles at the top, with electric motor housing at the bottom. Powered by a 9-volt battery, these devices capture bugs with their powerful suctioning feature. The Lentek BV02 Mini Bug Vac Handheld Electronic Insect Trap, priced at $14.99, provides you a quick way to eliminate these pesky insects. Another gadget with similar features but is less expensive at $17.96, is the Bug Buster Wand Insect Trapper. It is effective also for spiders, flies, and wasps, in addition to stink bugs. For severe infestations, use a larger capacity device called the BugZooka Bug Catcher Vacuum. Priced at $29, this vacuum has a very powerful electric motor that sucks bugs with its large reservoir area. Get rid of stink bugs the easy way!
Conventional stink bug traps are more economical compared to electric-powered ones and offer less hassles in maintenance. These traps are usually constructed with transparent glass casing on top with an opaque plastic reservoir at the bottom. The only cost that you will incur when using these devices is regularly buying a chemical, non-toxic bait, to be applied inside the reservoir. The only disadvantage of conventional traps is that they have no sticker material inside the casing, so there is a possibility that some trapped bugs may escape. Nevertheless, use other stink bug control methods in conjunction with this gadget. So far, the most popular product of this category is the Stink Bug Trap by Sterling International Rescue. This is priced at $19.99 for the device only or $29.13 with bug attractant bait. One trap can attract stink bugs with a coverage area of 1,000 square feet. Based on stink bug information regarding their breeding seasons, it is best used during the spring, summer and early autumn, when bugs become a menace. When disposing these trapped insects, be sure to wear thick gloves to avoid stink bug bites.

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