Try Talstar Pro For Stink Bug Control

The brown marmorated stink bug first hitched a ride to America from Asia in September of 1998. Today, there have been stink bug sightings in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia.
As of 2019, higher-than-normal numbers of stink bugs were reported in the Northeastern United States. These bugs are not only unsightly and stinky, but they are doing tremendous damage to fruit orchards and commercial vegetable gardens as well. If you need stink bug control, there is only one solution you must know about it: Talstar Pro.

What Is Talstar Pro?

Talstar Pro is a commercial-grade insect repellent that staves off over 75 different pests, including stink bugs. When used as directed, it is perfectly safe for use around pets and children.
Product Features:

  • kills over 75 insect pests, effective against stink bugs;
  • can be used indoor and outdoor, food handling areas, turf and ornamental;
  • long residual, so it keeps on killing pests for over three months after you’ve sprayed it;
  • Odorless, dries clear, leaves no stains, is non-irritating to the skin.

How Does Talstar Pro Stink Bug Control Work?

To use, you simply mix 1 ounce of stink bug control concentrate to 1 gallon of water, apply with a pump sprayer alongside the house, around windows, and near door frames. Since insect repellent tends to break down in direct sunlight and heavy rain, you may need to retreat every 7 to 10 days during peak migration seasons. In addition to using Talstar Pro, you will also want to seal possible entry-points to your home with caulk to keep the bugs out.
To get rid of a bug infestation indoors, you can use a fogger and vacuum cleaner to get rid of the invading pest. Yet, keep in mind, you will need a stink bug control repellent and insecticide like Talstar Pro to discourage them from moving in again.

What Do The Pros Say?

“Exterior insecticide treatments applied to the west and south-facing sides of homes will provide some relief if used properly. The most popular professional product for stink bug control is Talstar Pro,” recommends Pest Control Expert Rick Steinau, President of Ace Exterminating Company in Ohio and a 48-year industry veteran.

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